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Bad boy Largie aka Monster Largemouth Yellowfish

By Brad Mclachlan So what was a short and last minute planned trip ended up turning into a fishing trip myself, brother & two close mates will remember clearly for the rest of lives. With an unpredictable weather forecast for the weekend we were all left...

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Orangeriver beauty – Largemouth Yellowfish

By De Villiers Uys After going to the Orange River 5 times this year I eventually managed to land 2 beautiful Largemouth Yellows. A typical day for my client and me would be deciding where we would go and what to target. On this trip we decided not to...

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How my dream fish became a reality

How my dream fish became a reality. Well, it was just like any other day Nic Isabelle and I fished the Vaal for Largies, alarm sounds at 3am cars packed and we off to the river. We are usually there before first light in anticipation of some big fish...

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Understanding Vaal flowrates

There are only three things that determines the regularity of our fishing trips to the Vaal. The weather, the flow rate and whether you obtained your partner’s permission well in advance. About the weather there is not much we can do and being situated on the Highveld...

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GUIDE TO STERKFONTEIN DAM All information by David Weaver and the Maluti Flyfishing Club and published with the kind permission of ‘The Complete Fly Fisherman’. Please visit their [url=]website[/url]for special subscription...

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SA’s #1 Yellowfish Guide

Ian Couryer, from Fish Whisperer Enterprises,  is probably the only flyfishing guide in the world that can boast taking Lord of the Rings', "Elvenking" Thranduil, son of Oropher, the King of the Woodland Realm for a spot of yellowfishing on the Vaal river... Readers...

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Leader set-up diagrams

Various techniques and leader set-ups are used when going after Yellowfish. There is no perfect leader set-up and every flyangler should experiment until you find the set-up that works for you! Herewith are some diagrams of leader set-ups as used by some Vaal River...

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Largemouth Yellowfish 101

With winter fast approaching it is now time to change tactics and hunt for the gentleman of the deep. Chris van der Post from CK Flyfishing Adventures  shares his 16 years experience in targeting Largemouth Yellowfish with us. There could be no doubt that the...

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Entomology aka Yellow Food!

The Aquatic Invertebrates of South African Rivers booklet compiled by The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry is now available as a free download from their site. The Aquatic Invertebrates of South African Rivers Stoneflies Mayflies Caddis Flies Beetles...

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Czech Nymphing Basics

A basic video showing the technique needed to be successful targeting Smallmouth Yellowfish on large rivers such as the Vaal & Orange rivers. Click on the link and view in Youtube {youtube}{/youtube}...

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Catching your very first Yellowfish on Fly

-FOR DUMMIES- This section are for those who have never caught a yellowfish on fly or even those who “by accident” landed their first yellowfish on fly and want to learn more. Some articles on catching yellowfish on fly tend to be very technical, and trust me catching...

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