By Gerrit Viljoen

This fly first featured on the Flytalk forum some 7 years ago. It has stood the test of time and still produce plenty of fish when fished correctly. A great summer Caddis pupa pattern for Smallmouth Yellows in any system try it!

Hook: C49 # 14 or similar.
Thread: 14/0 White with grey marker.
Bead: Glass bead (They are measured in the ought system but a 2mm – 2.4mm will suffice)
Body: Chartreuse UTC wire Br size.
Antenna: 2 x Mallard strands dyed Wood Duck gold.
Thorax/Legs/Wing: Natural Squirrel with grey underfur.

Step 1

Debarb hook,add bead to hook and place in Vice.

Step 2

Place a spool of wire into your bobbin holder,leave a tag end of 10cm.You are going to wind the wire forward in the same fashion as with normal tying thread.

Add a dab of super glue ontop of the shank.Start your body just past the hook bend and wrap the wire forward (clockwise) in close consecutive turns.Leave a gap of roughly 6 wraps once you reach the front end.Do not proceed up to the bead.

At this stage wiggle your bobbin from side to side in order to get a clean break of wire.

Step 3

Going ANTI CLOCKWISE, proceed forward with the 10cm tag and form evenly spaced segments.I formed 5 segments in this illustration.When you reach the end of the 1st layer,make 2 additional wraps and break wire off. It just helps to even out things.

Step 4

Add a coat of varnish to the whole body.

Step 5

Attach your thread and work your way to the front of the wire.

Tie in 2 Mallard strands ontop and in the middle of the shank,twice as long as the shank with concave side facing down.I don’t really stick to any rules here,the longer they are the better,sometimes even 4 x the shank leghth. Great trigger!

Step 6

Prepare thorax material. Cut the squirrel fur from the hide and place into material clip.The fur extend to just past half way down the body.

Step 7

Split your thread using a needle.Insert material from clip and spin the mix clockwise.

Step 8

Wrap the material forward and with each turn stroke the material back.Whip finish and tie off.

White is my preferred choice at dusk during a Caddis hatch if the chartreuse aren’t producing!