Some call it a pass time, other call it a sport, others still call it a hobby, but for some it is an outright addiction.

Whatever your level of enjoyment of fly fishing we endevour to bring you
the latest in trends, whether it is casting a fly, leader setups, rigs, techniques,
rod reviews or just simple how to’s.

We will keep you informed, entertained and excited to go on your next fly fishing adventure.

Fly of the month January 2018 – The Squassie

By Gerrit Viljoen This fly first featured on the Flytalk forum some 7 years ago. It has stood the test of time and still produce plenty of fish when fished correctly. A great summer Caddis pupa pattern for Smallmouth Yellows in any system try it! Hook: C49...

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Fly of the month October 2017 – The GUN

The GUN - by Gary Glen Young This is my go-to heavy nymph pattern, which I fish on point on a Euro-rig, or as my control fly in a normal indicator setup for all species. The “Golden GUN” version has proven to be very successful on carp in the rapids too....

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Fly of the month September 2017 – The Largie Toad

By Gerrit Viljoen Photos by Ben Viljoen Photography The Largie Toad (“Largie” is short for Largemouth Yellowfish) was created by Gerrit Viljoen, owner of Gerrit Viljoen Fly-fishing Guided Services to target the once elusive Largemouth Yellowfish. The fly...

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