By Gerrit Viljoen

How to fish this fly in rivers

The complete fly tying instruction of this fly can be found here.

This fly is designed for Largemouth Yellowfish but can be used for other species too. Trophy Smallmouth Yellowfish loves this fly tied on a #6 Stinger hook. This fly has caught numerous Trout in Stillwaters too!

This fly is fished mainly using a floating line accompanied with a nylon tapered leader. My preferred choice i.t.o strength / length is 15lb leader of 15ft. Water depth, current and the type of lie will dictate if you need to trim it shorter or not. No tippet is added to the leader, you fish it as is and if it gets too short or bulky, tie on a new leader.

Target high banks with deep vertical drops but also cast this fly towards structure like logs and hyacinth WITH CURRENT AND DEPTH of at least 1.5m. Don’t get caught out when a Largie takes your fly on the drop while you wait for the fly to sink, it can happen any time.

This fly produces well in stagnant pools at the head of the pool close to current. Do not neglect tail outs of pools either….

The best knot to use for this fly is a non slip rapala knot. For best results retrieve the fly using a slow 5cm continuous strip.