The Nor-Vise: Now in SA


  • A Unique Rotary Vise
  • Multiple Jaw Options
  • A Bobbin that stays where you stop it - See it to believe it
  • Dubbing Brush Table
  • Gallows Attachment
  • Tie Flies faster and easier
  • Precision ball bearing and heavy brass hubs - for the smoothest rotations

Advertise your Venue


Be seen by the Southern African Fishing Community

  • Advertise you Venue
  • Give customers detailed info about fishing
  • Let customers contact you directly via e-mail
  • Showcase your venue with pictures - 1pic = 1000 words
  • Give details about what you offer

Weather at your finger tips


What does the weather hold in for us:

  • Flow
  • Wind
  • UV
  • Fishing success
  • Moon
  • Temp.


The Free State province in South Africa has some of the most exciting fishing opportunities for Largemouth Yellowfish (Labeobarbus kimberleyensis) and Smallmouth Yellowfish (Labeobarbus aeneus). They occur in the Vaal, Vals, Vet, Wilge, Modder and Riet Rivers. The Orange River also borders the Free State and is the longest river in South Africa. The rivers in the Free State tend to be discoloured which brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. The challenges it brings is spotting the fish and seeing their behaviour. Some of the river systems do clear quite a bit during the winter season, due to the fact that it is a summer rainfall area. The opportunity it offers is getting close to fish, without being spotted. It is not uncommon for fly fisherman to find fish lying at their feet while wading the streams. Many dams in the province also offer exciting fishing opportunities like Sterkfontein, Koppies, Gariep, Bloemhof and Kalkfontein dams to name a few. The Largemouth Yellowfish or Largies, as it is affectionately know, can grow to weights in excess of 20kg’s and is known as the fish of a thousand casts. It is one of the most sought after species to catch. The Smallmouth Yellowfish or smallies are more common and can reach weights of over 7kg’s. Both are taken on bait, art-lure and flies. They are some of the hardest fighting fish in South Africa.