A large sportfishery that targets both smallmouth (Labeobarbusaeneus) and largemouth (Labeobarbus kimberleyensis ) yellowfish exists in South Africa. Both species have high conservation priority, and no assessments documenting the effect of angling on L.aeneus and L.kimberleyensis have been undertaken. The overall aim of this study was to provide an assessment of the impact of angling on L.aeneus and L.kimberleyensis. The specific objectives of this study were to characterise the sectors utilising Lake Gariep, document catch, effort and total catch for the fishery as well as the locality specific biology of L. aeneus and L. kimberleyensis. The study was undertaken on Lake Gariep, South Africas largest impoundment, situated on the Orange River system in central South Africa


Rhodes University


This thesis aims to assess the impact of recreational and subsistence angling on L . aeneus and L .kimberleyensis in Lake Gariep by: (1) assessing the biology of L. aeneus and L.kimberleyensis in the lake; (2) documenting catch, effort, size selectivity and total catch for both species from the fishery; and (3) based on the findings, make recommendations for future management of these species. 

Full Study Here 

http://eprints.ru.ac.za/2525/1/ELLENDER- MSc-TR09-145.pdf