The deadly dozen - SM Flies

 "Go-to" flies for every yellowfish hunter"


There are many many flies on the market and once you start tying your own flies you will find yourself dreaming up new patterns almost daily.

So whilst we still dream of inventing that next "x-fly" here are the most successful flies yet for yellowfish (in my opinion of course).


Control flies – an Introduction

What is a control fly?

“If your fly does not get to the bottom – where Yellow’s feed – you are not going to catch any fish!”


Call it the control fly, the middle dropper, the anchor fly or the weighted fly, in the end it all boils down to the same thing. The control fly is a suitably weighted fly that forms part of a multi fly rig with the purpose to control the depth of your flies.



Top 6 flies for Yellows revealed



In a recent poll in which 151 recreational  Yellowfish fly anglers took part the 6 most effective flies for Yellowfish were revealed.



South Africa's fly of the Century

“The greatest discovery in South African angling in the past fifty years is that the yellowfish Barbus Halubi can be caught relatively easily on the fly as long as you know how.” That was the headline on the cover story in the February 1985 issue of the magazine Tight Lines/Stywe Lyne.



Research and text by Ed Herbst



The cover picture showed Theo van Niekerk holding a yellowfish which had been caught on a fly – something which had been considered impossible up to then because the prevailing belief was that they could only be caught on bait.

“Theo van Niekerk of Pretoria, a keen fly fisher who has caught many trout on fly, has made a major breakthrough. During the past Xmas holiday season he caught 240 yellowfish on fly in the Vaal River 20 kms downstream of Parys.

'The average weight of the Yellowfish was 1 kg and the heaviest was 3.4 kg. His best catch was 34 in one day: ‘I have never had such a wonderful day’s fly fishing. And to think that, in the past, I have driven many kilometres to fish for trout when, in the Vaal River which flows past my farm, a substantially more powerful  sporting fish can be caught on fly,” the article said.


Fly of the century - Part 2

Hot Spots


History ~ Theory ~ Application

yellowfish lm


Green Spot Pheasant Tail tied by Curtis Fry


"In my opinion, hot spots work by providing an extra stimulus to a fly pattern which sets it apart from the multitude of natural food items (or artificial flies) a fish sees regularly, thereby making it more noticeable, attractive, curious, or any combination of the three."

With courtesy of Front Range Anglers former fly-fishing team USA member, guide and fly fishing instructor Loren Williams shares his views on the effectiveness of incorporating a hot spot into your flies.



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