Top 6 flies for Yellows revealed



In a recent poll in which 151 recreational  Yellowfish fly anglers took part the 6 most effective flies for Yellowfish were revealed.



The online poll was hosted by Flytalk - SA's largest flyfishing website - and the results again proved that nobody needs to take more than 10 patterns when fishing the Vaal.


The fly options posted were: Brassie, PTN, ZAK, GRHE, Flashback, Orange hotspot, Mustard Caddis, Caddis Green Rockworm, NB Nymph, Holo nymph, Woolly buggers and Soft Hackle flies.  Unfortunately the poll did not make provision for the various colours of the flies but only the pattern. Other notable exclusions were czech nymphs, Copper Johns, midges and all dry flies.


The poll once again proved the effectiveness of the Hotspot PTN in getting almost double the votes as the next contender the mustard caddis.

In analysing the poll it gives one a good idea why I advocate a three fly set-up to all newbies and novices consisting of a Green Brassie, Mustard Caddis and Orange PTN. Between the 12 flies listed, these three flies combined managed to score 56.3% of the vote.


In a previous article  "The deadly dozen - SM Flies" I listed my top 12 flies for catching Yellowfish on fly. My 12 flies were:


  1. Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
  2. Orange PTN
  3. Flashback
  4. CDC tungsten nymph (not listed in the poll)
  5. Green Machine (not listed in the poll)
  6. Czech Nymph (not listed in the poll)
  7. Mustard Caddis
  8. Humpy's favourite (Grub pattern) (not listed in the poll)
  9. Caddis Green Rockworm
  10. Copper John (not listed in the poll)
  11. Brassie
  12. Disco Midge (not listed in the poll)


Please find the tying instructions for these flies in the article mentioned above.


Thank you to Flytalk for running the poll.

Please visit their site for up to date flyfishing news of all the species in SA.





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