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Limpopo though one the dryer provinces in South Africa have many rivers criss-crossing the land. Rivers like the Olifants, Elands, Crocodile, Komati and Sabie; all are home to the Smallscale Yellowfish (Labeobarbus polylepis) and Largescale Yellowfish (Labeobarbus marequensis). It also is home to the big five and the Krimitart (Baobab) Trees. These trees are as hardy as the people living in the province. The province is the poorest in South Africa with the main economy revolving around mining, tourism and cattle farming. Game farms are also making up a large proportion of farming community, undergirding the tourism industry.
The summers usually are very hot with temperatures souring into the high 30’s. The south-eastern region bordering Mpumalanga has more moderate weather and most Yellowfish fishing can be done in the south and south-east parts of the province.