Mpumalanga literally means “the place where the sun rises” is the most eastern province of South Africa. Bordering the Kruger National Park, Mozambique and Swaziland and four other provinces of South Africa. This province of mountains, meandering roads cutting through wild forests, sugar cane plantations and Bushveld is as diverse as it sounds. Rivers like the Olifants, Elands, Crocodile and Komati, to name but a few of the larger water systems are home to the Smallscale Yellowfish (Labeobarbus polylepis) and Largescale Yellowfish (Labeobarbus marequensis). Though they are not as commercialised as their Smallmouth and Largemouth counterparts, they are a species to target with fly, bait and lure.
The Largescale Yellow can attain sized in the 6kg region. They prefer rivers, but are also present in Loskop Dam and other bigger dams. The larger specimens regularly take specimen and traditional Carp baits, but are no stranger to lure fisherman and fly fisherman have had huge success targeting them on dries and nymphs.
Smallscale Yellows occur in the Bushveld regions of South Africa. They are more silver in colour and grow to about 58cm in length. Typically occurs in larger streams and rivers, with good flows and rocky substrates although it does occur in slower waters and in some dams. Food includes algae, aquatic invertebrates and small fish. Rivers in Mpumalanga that hold Smallscale Yellows include the Pongola and Komati Rivers. See our distribution map on the Species page for more info on rivers.