Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is a gem in its own right. With the white sands of Witsand in the Green Kalahari region, the Augrabies Waterfalls, Namaqualand flowers in spring and many more tourism attractions to visit. The one gem fisherman and woman are slowly discovering is the fishing opportunities in the Orange River flowing through this desert region. If seclusion, peace and quiet and getting back to yourself are your goal, then the Kalahari is your medicine of choice.
The fishing is altogether what dreams are made of. Clear streams, rapids, pools all creating an oasis through the harsh desert, with Yellows that will humble you, taking line from your reel as if you hooked a runaway train. These fish have not seen the pressure from anglers like the Vaal and other parts. They are strong and beautiful, referred to as gold bars cruising the rapids and pools. Largemouth Yellowfish (Labeobarbus kimberleyensis) and Smallmouth Yellowfish (Labeobarbus aeneus) are present in huge numbers.
The sizes will have you out of your bed before sunrise and pealing yourself from the river after dark.
It is truly one of the last Yellowfish frontiers that we have to tread lightly on to protect for generations to come.