The 2007 technical report comprises 11 chapters, with an introduction followed by nine species accounts and a final chapter on invasive alien Yellowfishes in South Africa.
Ichthyologists and conservation officials who have a sound knowledge  The report concludes with an appendix containing the most comprehensive list of yellowfish reference material available.

Report to the Water Research Commission by The Yellowfish Working Group
Edited by
ND Impson1, IR Bills2 and L Wolhuter3
1 CapeNature
2 South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity
3 Federation of South African Flyfishers

The Executive Committee of South Africa’s national Yellowfish Working Group (YWG)
recommended in 2006 that a status report be compiled for the nine “yellowfishes” that are the focus of the Group’s activities. These species include six true yellowfishes (Labeobarbus spp.) and three large Barbus species (B. andrewi, B. rapax and B. serra) that closely resemble yellowfishes. The Committee further recommended that two reports be produced: a popular report for the layman (e.g. anglers, riparian land-owners) and a technical report, aimed at scientists and conservation staff, that would provide comprehensive and updated information on the status of the nine species. Funding was needed to produce such reports, and the Water Research Commission approved an application, managed by the Federation of Southern African Flyfishers (FOSAF), in 2006. The popular report was released at the annual conference of the YWG in April 2007.

Full Report

Source: Hub Documents/Research Reports/KV212-web-conservation.pdf