Gerrit Viljoen

Fly-fishing guide & Fly-tyer

The BEAST Tamer

The BEAST Tamer™ Yellowfish guiding

Amazing guided fly-fishing day trips for Largemouth Yellowfish & Smallmouth Yellowfish near Parys in the Vaalriver with Gerrit Viljoen aka The BEAST Tamer!

The BEAST Tamer™ Yellowfish flies

I put fly-packs together for any local destination and through my experience as a guide and networking on social media with other guides and fisherman, I’m always in the loop with latest developments, new techniques, materials and what is working elsewhere.


The Beast Tamer™ Yellowfish flies was established in 2015 and inspired by the creations and ideas of pro Yellowfish fly-fishing guide and fly-tyer Gerrit Viljoen aka The Beast Tamer.

What sets my Largemouth Yellowfish flies apart is time on the water! I believe that a fly is developed and perfected on the water and NOT in the vise. I see so many “new” creations that has never touched water and to me THAT IS A BIG NO NO!

Durability, simplicity and the use of top quality materials are key factors to the construction of all my patterns! My hooks of choice are Gamakatsu and Mustad, all top end hook brands chosen for specific applications.

Areas that my Largie fly-packs travel regularly are the Vaal river, Orange river and dams like Sterkfontein and Vanderkloof. Some of my Largie flies even went as far as Mongolia!

Don’t compromise on quality, spend a little extra and buy the best! Beware of cheap imitations!!! 

My flies are ONLY available for purchase via the / websites.